Flavors on ground

TAMAM Compeny specializes in all types of food and conducting all kinds of events IF you are looking for an easy hospitality, a meal or a big and elegant event with personalized service, tempting design and unforgettable food.

Contact us and you will receive all the support and guidance in choosing the nature, presentation and menu types of the event to fit exactly your needs and the needs of other guests.

The way to good and excellent food starts in fine raw, best ingredients,Carefully selected meat by our chefs, fresh and varied vegetables, excellent olive oil and Wonderful desserts made by the hands of our magnificent pastry chefs.

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You can directly order – refreshments, hot meals, desserts and more Phones: 03-97202010.

Companies within our clients include: El Al, Swissport, Martha, Oz Association, the Airports Authority, Ashdod Bonded, IDF, Israel Police, the MILGAM, municipalities, banks, rising together, NEOT KEDUMIM, the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Education and others.

Institutional catering channel also provides meals and sandwiches to governmental, defense, privet bodies, and other individuals.

TAMAM transports and Supplies special dishes for children with celiac disease who are sensitive to foods that canteen gluten with MILGAM cooperation.

TAMAM is the only company in the country that is approved by the Ministry of Health for manufacture and supply of gluten-free meals to most catering companies in Israel.