Flavors in the sky

TAMAM supplies aviation kosher meals – it suits the meal’s flavors and aromas to each destination.

El Al – Israel’s national airline and TAMAM’s parent company and TAMAM’s main customer. El Al purchases meals for all its flights departing from Israel and for some of its returning flights.

Among our customers:Sundor, Arkia, Israir CAL, Kuban, Royal Jordanian, Armavia, Uzbekistan Airways and many other charter flights.

TAMAM also supplies special aviation meals including: vegetarian, dietetic, Kosher “Mehadrin”, gluten-free, all based on customer’s specifications.
The meals are prepared proximate to the departure and supplied to first class, business class and economy class Departments.

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Flavors country

Tamam company Specializes in all types of food and prepares all types of events. If you are looking for an easy accommodation, a meal or a big event and elegant with personal service, alluring design and food will not forget, you can contact us and receive all the support and guidance in choosing the type of event, presentation and menu types to fit exactly to your needs and the needs of other guests.

The way good food and fine starts ingredients, and the best – meat carefully selected by the chef, fresh vegetables and varied, fine sauces, olive oil, wonderful desserts are made there is a shock of pastry chefs. Fine gourmet cooking and accurate alarm all tastes, surprising and innovative, and brings cooking to create the perfect symphony and saturation for all tastes.

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meals for private planes

TAMAM Aircraft Food Industries Ltd. also supplies customer specifications tailored food to private jets, and works according to aviation requirements. Our vision is to provide the traveler with a culinary experience characterized by innovation, a variety of flavors, precision and hygiene with personal unique touch.

The meals are produced approximately 3 hours prior to departure to preserve the flavor, freshness and highest quality. Moreover, TAMAM supplies laundry and dishwashing services for private jets.

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Market Service
Business and institutional

TAMAM provides institutional and private entities thousand meals a day nationwide organizations such as the high-tech enterprises, banks, regulators schools, their dates, day centers, nursing homes and others.

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Kosher and uncompromising quality

The world’s largest kosher kitchen to create food – Kosher Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the supervision of Rabbi Moshe Nachshoni, multi-company. The well-trained and experienced staff of the company Tmm Believe in providing healthy products and high quality so: Tmm Invests in developing products tailored precisely to customer needs, operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Health, meets the strictest and highest in the world: ISO 9001, HACCP, G.M.P, and an internal quality assurance system. The Company also operates a veterinary supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture which gives the plant an export license in many countries the EU sons. The kitchen is working on the “due and radiator” and “due-cool it-Freeze”, which provides high-quality food and maintains its delicate flavor.

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